Statement on Russia’s Military Action and the People and Nation of Ukraine

I express my condemnation of Russia’s aggressive military invasion of the sovereign and democratic nation of Ukraine, and I proclaim my full-throated support for Ukraine’s government and people in their fight for safety, security, and autonomy.

Since late February I have felt horrified and distraught as I have watched from afar as innocent people have been forced to live in terror or to flee their homes for their lives. And I have felt powerless to help. The forces at work are so large, and the people who need help are so far away.

I talk a lot about community. I know it’s easy to think of one’s community as only those who we know or those who live near us. And that’s part of it. But for me, community must include all of humanity. When people are threatened, when their homes are destroyed, when their families are murdered, it harms us all. So all of us bear responsibility to stand against what is wrong and to stand with those who are vulnerable and threatened.

And I am also heartened as I have watched the world rally to send not just words and memes of support, but also humanitarian aid and political pressure to our global leaders to do more to protect Ukraine’s people and sovereignty.

If you would like to help the people of Ukraine, I encourage you to Google organizations such as Razom for Ukraine, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, and the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee to send aid today.

At the March 7 Committee of the Whole meeting, I asked my fellow councilmembers to join me in creating and passing a resolution to denounce Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, to voice our unequivocal support for the Ukrainian people and government, and to urge our national leaders to do more to ensure peace and security for the people of Ukraine. I am honored to serve with six fellow colleagues who agree that Cleveland Heights must not be silent in the face of such immoral actions on the part of Russia and such suffering and devastation in Ukraine.