Why Josie

On January 1, 2022, Cleveland Heights will have an almost entirely new government. After years of feeling frustrated and exasperated, voters want our incoming government to get stuff done to address our city’s pressing issues.

I am a collaborator, a problem-solver, a communicator. And this is exactly what we need on City Council right now.

Collaboration. We need our City Council to work together. We need our elected representatives to be unified in our purpose: to make Cleveland Heights a prosperous, resilient, livable city for all. We don’t need everyone to agree on how we get there—in fact, it’s better to have different perspectives, ideas, questions, concerns, and priorities. But we can never lose sight of the bigger picture: We are here to serve Cleveland Heights.

Problem-solving. The City Council’s responsibility is more than identifying problems—we must also work together to solve them. To do this, we need councilmembers who can quickly move from understanding a problem to brainstorming ideas, to developing ideas through dialogue to workable plans, and then to creating strategies and timelines for making those plans happen. That’s my background. That’s what I’m ready to do for Cleveland Heights.

Communication. For about a hundred years, the City Council has served a kind of Board of Trustees for the city. But with our new structure of government, that will change. We will now be a truly legislative and representative body only. So we need councilmembers to embrace that role as community representatives. It is not our job to direct the city to communicate on our behalf. We serve as the bridge between what our city does and what our people want. So it is our responsibility to engage with the public—creatively, meaningfully, and frequently—so you know what’s going on and have a say in what gets done at City Hall.

I know that it’s better to do what’s right than to insist on always being right. I can understand other people’s viewpoints without ever losing sight of my own. I know when to compromise and when to stand my ground.

I am committed to ensuring that everyone in Cleveland Heights feels heard and represented. City Council is your closest line of representation, and you deserve councilmembers who understand that our number-one job is to advocate for our community—you.

I will listen to you. I will respond to you. I will make sure your voice is heard.

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