The Role of Mayor

There are many factors to weigh when choosing who to vote for. Of course, you want someone who shares your values. And you should find out where each candidate stands on the issues that matter most to you and what they want to accomplish for Cleveland Heights while in office.

But a mayor’s approach to leadership is also vital. A candidate’s goals are important, but so too are HOW they plan to reach those goals. What is the process they’ll use to come up with ideas, write policy, build budgets, and implement changes that will be felt throughout our community?

Cleveland Heights needs a community builder. We need someone who will bring stakeholders to the table and guide hard conversations to find solutions that fit our unique needs and values. The time for top-down, “we know best” governance is behind us. We need someone with the experience and temperament to make sure people’s voices are heard when our local government is making decisions that directly impact their lives.


Our mayor needs to present a clear vision for the future of Cleveland Heights. They need to reflect our values and identity, and to clearly articulate our city’s collective goals. Once in office, our mayor will need to be able to work with people across departments, organizations, localities, and even ideologies to lay out a roadmap for actualizing those values, fully living that identity, and reaching our goals.

Outreach and collaboration

Our mayor needs to be a community organizer. Using the official power of the Office of Mayor to effect change through policy is only one avenue of action. The mayor can also use the influence and connections of the office to bring together governmental departments, community organizations and leaders, nonprofits, other local governments, and even state legislators. 

Innovation through communication

I know that when we open lines of dialogue, we find solutions we didn’t know were possible—and many times those solutions are simpler, more effective, and less expensive than what would have been done if everyone “stayed in their lane.” Our old ways of doing things are failing us, and we need leaders who not only think bigger but also reach out further. Politicians like to say that we are all in this together. Our mayor needs to be someone who can turn that platitude into a tool.

Commitment to our people

Our mayor needs to be 100% committed to serving the people of Cleveland Heights. We need a mayor who will never lose sight of their number-one responsibility: the well-being of our community. Even in smaller cities such as ours, big corporate interests can sway leaders and cloud their better judgment. We need a mayor who rejects corporate campaign money so they always remember who they truly work for.

Responsiveness and transparency

It is imperative that the first elected mayor of Cleveland Heights—made possible through a public demand for greater responsiveness—establishes the Office of Mayor with a commitment to responsiveness and transparency. It is not enough to talk about these buzzwords—the mayor must be purposeful in enacting them through all the Office’s procedures and actions.

Forward thinking

We are living in a time of transformation—facing down widespread poverty, recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, grappling with ongoing racial discrimination, seeing the climate crisis increase in severity with each passing season, and so much more. Our Cleveland Heights mayor needs to be ready to let go of a status quo that is crushing our people and foreclosing upon our children’s future. We need someone prepared to meet this extraordinary historic moment with the courage and innovation it demands.

I am this person.

I ask you to support me in my campaign to serve as your first elected Mayor of Cleveland Heights.

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