Why I’m Running

I am running for mayor because Cleveland Heights needs a leader who will build connections and map out a path to progress that puts our people first.

We are a community of helpful, kind, creative, and principled people. We come together when times are tough, and we celebrate each other’s victories and accomplishments. We value our diversity, even as we sometimes struggle to navigate its complexity. And we love this place—the trees, the homes, the location: It’s like no other.

We also have a dynamic but sometimes complicated landscape of local leadership. Our small businesses give us a glimpse into the deep well of ingenuity we have here in Cleveland Heights, yet our city lags in economic development compared to nearby hot-spot cities. Our houses are gorgeous, yet our home values haven’t kept up with similar areas in the region. Our citizens are engaged, yet many people feel frustrated with a government structure that seems to be designed to resist progress. At this time of change, Cleveland Heights should be a model of vision and innovation. With our energy, resourcefulness, and values, we have what it takes to embrace the challenges we face in order to bring about a more equitable and sustainable future.

We have a vibrant, engaged community, and we need a leader ready to reach out, forge connections, and bring people together to find solutions as a community.

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