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Cleveland Heights needs a mayor who will bring our community together to create a more equitable and sustainable city for all of us.

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How I Got Here

Cleveland Heights is home. I’ve moved around a lot as an adult—for my master’s work and for my husband’s job. But there came a moment when our family realized we needed to put down roots.

We chose Cleveland Heights deliberately. We wanted to live near family. We wanted to be someplace beautiful, someplace we could breathe. And we wanted community—to be surrounded by creative, caring, and engaged people. When we landed here, I quickly knew we had made the right choice. This is where we want to raise our children, become empty-nesters, and grow old. We have come home.

Since moving here, we have bought our “forever home.” We had our third child, and my husband and I love getting involved with our kids’ school and other causes. And slowly, as our third-baby fog began to lift and we could finally see past the next bedtime, I tuned in more and more to the unique community advocacy and local governance here in Cleveland Heights.

On the Issues

Improving Communications and Coordination »

Improve and expand city communications and coordination—including inter-department, public, and among area organizations.

Developing Strategies for Racial and Social Equity »

Dedicate permanent institutional resources and empower communities through advocacy and partnership to root out systemic inequity and promote social, economic, and environmental justice.

Economic Development for a Resilient Local Economy »

Grow our local economy by pursuing an economic development approach that prioritizes supporting and investing in locally owned businesses while also exploring development opportunities that align with our city’s value commitments and unique community dynamics.

Budgeting to Reach Our Goals »

Transition our budget-creation process to one that is designed to build the future we map out for ourselves, rather than perpetuating the city’s budgeting habits of the past, so we can become more resilient and adaptable to economic fluctuations and crises.

Revitalizing Our Business Districts »

Support and guide our business districts so they can meet the consumer and community needs of their surrounding residents and become bustling drivers of local economic strength.

Promoting Community Development and Advocacy »

Promote citizen participation and government responsiveness by forming a Cleveland Heights Neighborhood Council.

Environmental Sustainability and Working Toward a Green Transition »

Develop and implement a Sustainability Plan that will strengthen our area’s habitat, prepare us to adapt to coming climate impacts, build a green economy, and put us on a path to reach 100% renewable energy by 2035 (if not sooner).

Easing Our Property Tax Burden »

Ease our local property tax burden through diversifying our tax base, increasing cost-efficiency of public services, and advocating on behalf of our city on the state level for more equitable funding and other assistance.

Education and a Commitment to Our Community »

Through advocacy and coalition, ensure that all of our schools get the funding and resources they need to support our students and give them the education they deserve.

Public Safety and Well-Being »

Restructure our public safety infrastructure to ensure that our responses to people in need are appropriate for the nature of the call and humane to all parties involved.

Strengthening Our Landlord-Tenant Community »

Develop a platform of programs, resources, and remedies to maximize the number of quality landlords and tenants in Cleveland Heights and ensure that they have the tools to maintain a strong working relationship.

I am running for mayor of Cleveland Heights!

My Experience in Grassroots Organizing & Community Building